Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cool features in today’s InfoPath session at Microsoft Canada


Today I attend an InfoPath session by Envision IT, It's a company that is selling sharepoint services like installing, migrating, and helping companies with their processes but I'm not planning to talk about the company (they are gold partners) but the cool stuff they show, and i'm assuming that by reading this you have a very good grasp of what SharePoint out of the box can do for you, if not just go Google "SharePoint" then keep reading.


Survey web part – Basically a web part displaying a SharePoint list, where this SharePoint list is basically a list of surveys with description of the survey and the url of the survey. And the surveys are being display one at a time in periods of 10 seconds. And the elements of the list are being published base on initial publication date and end date.

So you can have surveys spread all over your farm and display them in your main page. Example:

Who do you think is going to be the next president of the US?

See results

Answer the poll


End user training for every implementation - They mention that something very important in every implementation and they mention this as a lessons learn and a must have for a SharePoint implementation is end user training. To be honest SharePoint is very user friendly but users with an initial, end user training, can take SharePoint to an advance level. So will push a little bit more in my organization to deploy this training to every single computer user to empower them, and take this to the next level.


Expenses report – Actually the first InfoPath demo is the expenses report but imagine taking this expenses report to the next level where you click on create a new expense report and the InfoPath form connects directly to your bank to get the statement thru a web service and populate the description and all the fields in your expenses report and you just submit this for approval. Ill plan to do this in the near future.

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